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A fond look back…

Ah yes, a young man in a bow tie & armbands with a bass banjo sits in rapt attention….

The fundraiser was in 1979 at a neighbor’s house (“Obie” Obermeyer) who had been a Yalie pal of  George H.W. Bush.  The un-hatted cohort on the right is Harry Gustafson – one of my earliest long-time supporters & a great friend.

   Three great teachers (Top to Bottom):  Roy Smeck, Jim Harkins, and Sy Shaffer

The Howard Hovey Trio, circa 1989:(L toR) Me, Irv Petraszewski, Howard Hovey

I would be remiss not to include Dad (Charlie Barta) – CPA, teacher, great dad, and my best friend….  Weldon House in East Durham, NY @ Frank Barry’s Banjo Bash  – about 1980.

Me with one of the Banjo-Aires, Walter Becker on his 90th birthday (photo credit: Mark Glerum)  Walter was a master of the classic Harry Reser/ Mike Pingatore 1920’s style of tenor banjo.

A visit with Mike Currao, my second banjo teacher, in Florida a few years back.  Mike has one of the fastest right hands most people will ever see! However, there is some competition….

Jeff Barnhart (here in 2005), is a flying-fingered phenomenon of the piano & star of the jazz festival circuit.  This dynamo of the Titan Hot 7 also performs solo and plays beautiful duets with his lovely wife Anne as “Ivory & Gold”

You may also have heard of this banjo player…Bela Fleck.  All kidding aside, he and his bandmates should be given a special award for groundbreaking and extraordinary musicality beyond the reach of mere mortals. (photo: Liza Coppolla)

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Here I am with a band which played for a Hillary Clinton fundraising event in 2007.  Showing little political bias, working musicians tend to gravitate to the Green Party – the party offering more “green”.

(L toR): Larry Pearlstein, Bob Hovey, Ron Hammond, Lurking Banjo Player, Former President Bill Clinton, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Matt Koza, Frank Hansen

Sitting in with the Jim Cullum Jazz Band at San Antonio’s Riverwalk in 2008.

With Bill Troiano (Organizer of the annual Howard Hovey Tuba Day)

Bill’s a great tuba player – played in Guy Lombardo’s band straight out of college.

There is some cosmic balance in the world – after years of playing at banjo conventions where hundreds of banjos are accompanied by only a couple of tubas, I get to be the only banjo player in front of a stage with hundreds of tubas!!

Here’s a shot from a Stone Street Strummers get-together in Milford, MA – March 2001

(L to R) Eric Anderson, Jimmy Mazzy, me, John Klumpp

Not a photo, but myself & Lin Shoemaker as drawn by legendary two-fisted artist Bob Nilson.

Action shot by Larry Schulz (alias DocShots) at his American Garage East

January 2011 – with John Bucher (cornet) & Bob Greene (piano)

In concert at the Unitarian Universalist Church of the South Fork, Bridgehampton


That’s it for now…I’ll continue to add more as I get time.

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