Emerging from under the rubble of circumstances…

I get a chance to catch my breath & update my dedicated followers of happenings & statuses. A brief overview:

  • Six months of family health issues which demanded attention but are increasingly well-managed; All good wishes are appreciated!
  • Continuing efforts advocating and promoting the Vail-Leavitt Music Hall (more info coming soon!)
  • Some intermittent gigging with (as usual) some AMAZING and wonderful musicians
  • A well-controlled obsession with grandchildren Natalie & Nicholas – my favorite people on the planet
  • Preparation to return for the start of my 32nd year at Suffolk County Community College

I’ve been recently honored and humbled by the requests and comments by friends and associates to the very slight uptick in online activity I’ve managed in the past week or two. I’ll try to document more, but must admit that the intensity and distribution of my time to doing lots of stuff doesn’t leave me much time to plan or deal with documenting that stuff. I try to tell my students to be present in the moment as opposed to documenting from within the moment, but have to train myself to simply take a few seconds to shoot some pix or video along the way. As Vince Giordano told me, “We’re all learning, man….”

I have had a wonderful time this past month playing north of Long Island Sound, including an annual party following the Falmouth Road Rally on Cape Cod and for “Gatsby on the Isles” on Star Island, NH with John Clark’s Wolverines Jazz Band.

At the latter gig, was privileged as well to meet and work with the talented and beautiful Elise Roth as guest vocalist. Click here to visit Elise’s website – She’s got the makings of “I knew her when…”.

I’m headed up with Sherrie to enjoy the company of Jeff & Karen Hughes (Jeff is the extraordinarily tasteful cornetist for the well-known Paramount and Wolverines Jazz Bands of Boston) before I return to classes at SCCC. I am scheduled to be part of the New England Jazz Banjo Festival at Sturbridge, MA in mid-September. For Long Island audiences, it appears we will have a couple of Sunnyland appearances in the first half of October and the developing possibility of getting some special guests to visit & play at the Vail. Stay tuned….I’ll try to as well.

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