Long time, no speak…

After more than 2 years dormant, I finally resolved to once again begin posting (intermittently) to this website.  There are a complex multitude of motivational reasons for this.  Primarily, this website seems like the easiest way for me to keep friends, associates and curious members of the public at large informed without resorting to managing social media…which can distract me from fully immersing myself in experiences.

Lots of great stuff on the personal front, including my wonderful family – now featuring two grandchildren who are my favorite people on the planet.  Musically, I remain active with Sunnyland locally and increasingly have been freelancing with other groups and playing a broader variety of music.  I enjoy every opportunity to cross the LI Sound to perform among many great friends and musicians throughout New England, and getting some playing time on regular visits to southwest Florida.

I am also still the president of the Council for the Vail-Leavitt Music Hall, a 501(c)3 charitable corporation which operates Long Island’s oldest theater (built in 1881).  For more information on the Vail-Leavitt ==> CLICK ON THIS LINK TO VISIT THEVAIL.ORG.

As gratifying as musical and charitable works are, I maintain my full-time job as Assistant Professor of Business & Information Systems (along with the “History of Jazz” course) at the Riverhead Campus of Suffolk County Community College – my employer for the past 31 years.

Most recent notable information: If you look through the links on this site related to my musical history, you will find that I recorded a home-brewed CD in 2008 with a group of young musicians in New Orleans called “Loose Marbles”.  When the group disbanded, many of those musicians achieved recognition as parts of other groups including Tuba Skinny, Meschiya Lake and the Little Big Horns, the Shotgun Jazz Band and many others (each unique & fantastic IMHO). Notably, I’ve been watching the rising career of Alynda Segarra, the vocalist on the aforementioned CD.  Her band, “Hurray for the Riff Raff”, provide scenery for Alynda’s poetic and emotionally deep and evocative songs with great emotion, drive and musicality.   I’m privileged to now be among the older musicians who can say “I knew her when…”.

I can promise that as long as I am not struck by infirmity the next update will come in a more reasonable interval….

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