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Over the last few weeks, it has been my privilege to be re-acquainted with Barbara Rosene – a beautiful and heartfelt singer of tunes from the very same eclectic Tin Pan Alley catalog as I (and Sunnyland listeners) have appreciated for many years.  I first met Barbara through our mutual inspiring influence – Eddy Davis, the Manhattan Minstrel – back in the day at the Cajun.  The Cajun was a unique and warm atmosphere for fans of this music, but became especially joyful on the nights when Eddy played his special variety of tasteful and joyous music to the venue.  Eddy is one of the best people for a “jam” environment, as his natural style and encouraging manner draw in both listeners and musicians at all levels of experience.   Well on one of those special evenings, I happened to meet Barbara and immediately saw and heard the delivery and deep understanding of this music that, in the words of Michael Steinman, “lights our way”.

Barbara RoseneFast forward to a couple of weeks ago, when Barbara & I (via the great re-connector that is Facebook) chatted a bit, followed by her spontaneous appearance with my trio at Bonnie Jean’s!  She is now spending time on the East End and recently booked a performance at the newly renovated Suffolk Theater in downtown Riverhead (where Sunnyland played at the ribbon-cutting!).  I was delighted when Barbara asked if I’d like to join her group for a performance titled “A Night At A Speakeasy”.  What fool would say no – Miss Rosene always has the most stellar musicians in her band and this night will be no exception.  The musicians include Grammy & Oscar-award winning Conal Fowkes on piano, ace New York reedman Mike Hashim and the multi-talented and exquisitely versatile Andy Stein on violin.  What can I say – a thrill and an honor to be asked to join this group for this show!

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