Hey pal, wanna buy a CD??

Well, if you check on the “Buy a CD” link, you’ll discover that another musical product has been added to the inventory at Sunnyland Industries. It’s title is quite apropos for my collaboration with the legendary Galvanized Jazz Band of Connecticut – “I’ll Be A Friend, With Pleasure” – as it is indeed a pleasure to count each of these wonderful and talented people as friends.  The band is led by cornetist Fred Vigorito whose knowledge of the history and background of the tunes is surpassed only by his outstanding hot horn chops.  Laying down the reliable and highly crafted bass lines is Art Hovey.  If you have read some of my writings, you’ll know that Art is the son of my long-time associate Howard Hovey.  Howard led the trio that ultimately evolved (descended?) into the core trio of the Sunnyland Jazz Band.  Arthur is a world-class tubaist as well as teacher and mentor to countless young jazz players across Connecticut and New England.  I have played on numerous occasions with both reed men – Noel Kaletsky and Russ Whitman – and it was great to work with both at the same time.  Their styles are each distinct, but blend together from years of experience.  Bill Sinclair plays both tasteful accompaniment and artful solos at the piano while Bob Bequillard on drums delivers  rhythmically precision with polish.  Here’s the cover photo:

Galvanized CD cover

Who could resist??  so buy one, already!!

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