And now for some good news…and yes, that’s plural!

Happy to be posting a couple of happy items…

First, I took 2nd place in a songwriting contest through the internet’s Free Music Archive to attempt to supplant the copyrighted Goliath of birthday songs, “Happy Birthday to You” – whose owners charge $10,000 a pop for use of the tune in public media venues such as national restaurants, movies, TV, etc.  I submitted a hasty, late-night version recorded in the wee hours of the pre-dawn in my office only equipped with a portable H2 Zoom recorder and a small ukulele.  Since part of the intent was to have a tune that could be used royalty-free in the settings described above, I felt that it would be helpful to have some structural similarity to the familiar tune we’ve all been singing privately at home with our families for most of the last century; before concerns that the copyright gestapo might suddenly take a battering ram to our door and lay some legal process on the birthday boy or girl or whomever initiated its singing before seizing the cake into evidence.  At any rate you can hear my 21 second masterwork, the winning entry, and over 125 other entries by clicking the link below:

(As a tip of the hat to a fellow competitor, I’d encourage you to listen to the submission of Chris Trapper, whose song was recorded with assistance from members of John Clark’s Wolverine Jazz Band of Boston – good friends of mine…and who I have a live CD coming out later this year with myself!!)

As for the second wonderful item, I was pleased and proud to find myself profiled in the Arts & Entertainment section of this week’s Dan’s Paper – the long-time, standard-bearer publication of the Hamptons and Long Island’s East End.  The article has not yet appeared in their online version, but I was enthralled sufficiently by the effervescent writing of Debbie Slevin that I clipped and scanned the article.  It becomes unreadable if I include it in a regular blog posting, but you can…

>>>> Click on this link and see it!!! <<<<

Thanks to Debbie Slevin, Dan’s Paper & all Sunnyland’s fans for your support!!

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