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Here comes summer – and another CD!!

Things are starting to hum & strum along into another busy summer season.  In addition to our regular Thursday’s at Bonnie Jean’s and a few private parties, I will be […]

Double dose of great music at Bonnie Jean’s this week!

The weather is warming up and so is the musical season – a double shot of great music will be found at Bonnie Jean’s this week.  In addition to the […]

A wonderful addition to the schedule…

Over the last few weeks, it has been my privilege to be re-acquainted with Barbara Rosene – a beautiful and heartfelt singer of tunes from the very same eclectic Tin […]

Hey pal, wanna buy a CD??

Well, if you check on the “Buy a CD” link, you’ll discover that another musical product has been added to the inventory at Sunnyland Industries. It’s title is quite apropos […]

Triumphant trumpet! Thrilling tuba! Banjo beatitude! Additional alliterative adjectives!

Everybody sing along now! “Spring is here, a-suh-puh-ring is here Life is skittles and life is beer, I think the loveliest time of the year is the spring (I do, […]

Bringing back two cherished institutions…

The Sunnyland crew got a chance to knock of some rust this morning at the ribbon-cutting ceremony marking the re-opening of the Suffolk Theater on Main Street in downtown Riverhead.  […]

And now for some good news…and yes, that’s plural!

Happy to be posting a couple of happy items… First, I took 2nd place in a songwriting contest through the internet’s Free Music Archive to attempt to supplant the copyrighted […]

Missing Larry…

Played a lovely gig last night with the Isotope Stompers, shaking off some of the winter snow and cold, but something was missing…Larry Pearlstein.  If you check out the Isotope […]

Happy Holidays

It’s been a busy winter season, and there’s only a couple of more opportunities to catch the Sunnyland Jazz Band at Bonnie Jean’s before the January hibernation (actually, going down […]

La-de-da, de-da-de-da, ’tis autumn

October began Sunnyland with a small flurry of activity like swirling, falling leaves – a community apple picking party in the Hamptons, the annual Riverhead Country Fair, and a reprise […]

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