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MORE Summer 2019 Upcoming Performances

THURSDAY AUGUST 8th – Bob Barta & The Unindicted Co-Conspirators 7:30-9:30 pm Vail-Leavitt Music Hall (downstairs) – $5 suggested contribution + coffee/snacks available FRIDAY AUGUST 9th & SATURDAY AUGUST 10th […]

Returned from Sturbridge MA

This past weekend was a fantastic event – a combination of musical joy meets family reunion. The New England Jazz Banjo Fest had lots of great players (as usual) with […]

Emerging from under the rubble of circumstances…

I get a chance to catch my breath & update my dedicated followers of happenings & statuses. A brief overview: Six months of family health issues which demanded attention but […]

Long time, no speak…

After more than 2 years dormant, I finally resolved to once again begin posting (intermittently) to this website.  There are a complex multitude of motivational reasons for this.  Primarily, this […]

An update before 2014 reaches its end…

As many personal friends and family are aware, my mother Irene Barta passed away this summer.  While my life and activities have gone on, it has certainly been an emotionally […]

Long time, no post – an update.

The Sunnyland site & blog have been dormant for a while, only in part due to the unusually harsh and extended wintery weather. Over the winter months, I’ve been helping […]

Rallying The Sunnyland Troops – Vote For Us(…and I didn’t even know we were running!)

Dear friends – As you should realize, it is not often that I weigh in on a local election…but there’s always room for an occasional exception. Voting is going on […]

Get a dose of musical medicine before flu season begins…

…by availing yourself of one or more of these 3 great opportunities before Columbus Day arrives!!! If you want the closest thing to immersion therapy, you must experience Jeff and […]

Sunnyland hits it’s stride in August!

I’m making a second consecutive weekend trip to Massachusetts this Sunday, where I will be playing with a band under the ever-enjoyable leadership of Jeff Hughes – cornetist extraordinaire of […]

Sunnyland, Weather Turn Up Heat Across Long Island

Simultaneous with the current heat wave, the band and I have been covering the Island almost literally from end to end. Wednesday July 17th began a set of six dates […]

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